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On March 16, 2021, six Asian women were killed in shootings at three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. This has brought attention to the repeated attacks on Asians since the outbreak of the Corona-19 virus. 

The President of OCA Greater Phoenix Astria Wong has brought together the following nationwide sponsors and co-signers to support the movement of #Stop AAPI Hate.

According to the latest research report published by the non-profit “Stop AAPI Hate” forum, the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in the United States has been about one year, from March 19, 2020 to February 28 this year. There were 3,795 anti-Asian hate cases, ranging from verbal abuse, Internet harassment, to physical attacks, and 68% of the cases targeted Asian women.

In the past year, there have been cases of Chinese in Arizona being bullied. However, in the Phoenix Police Department’s archives, there are only 3 cases of Asian bias crimes reported.

On Twitter on the evening of the 16th of March, the keyword “StopAsianHate” (#StopAsianHate) appeared. Californian Liu Yunping a member of the U.S. House of Representatives,  and Korean male star Daniel Dae Kim, actress Mindy Kaling and others all posted responses. .

On March 17, a 75-year-old Chinese woman was attacked on Market Street in San Francisco. She fought back and wounded the white suspect. The police arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect. The scene was filmed by witnesses and went viral on Twitter, causing widespread heated discussion.

Silence will only encourage racial discrimination, we are not “Silent”!

It’s time for the whole United States to hear our voice:

We Must Unite

The President of OCA Greater Phoenix Astria Wong has brought together the following sponsors and co-signers to support the movement of #Stop AAPI Hate.

Sponsors :

OCA Greater Phoenix

Atlanta “U.S. China Tribune ” / US-China TV

AZChineseNews Newspaper


Co-signers :

1. 芝加哥《神州时报》China Journal-Chicago  

2. 马里兰《美国华视》AACTV  

3. 波特兰《侨声报》Oregon Chinese Coalition

4. 明尼苏达《华兴报》China Truibune   

5. 芝加哥《美国华网》 usachinanews  

6. 芝加哥《芝加哥华语论坛报》Chicago China News & Digest 

7. 克利夫兰《伊利华报》Erie Chinese Journal  

8. 拉斯维加斯《新闻报》 Las Vegas Chinese Newspaper   

9. 西雅图《西雅图有中文电台》 Chinese Radio Seattle

10. 纽约《中国侨声网》  The Voice of Chinese   

11. 休斯顿《华夏时报》 Chinatimes,Houston

12. 亚特兰大《美中报导》China Truibune  

13. 加州《美国华人网》USChinesePress   

US & Arizona Chinese Communities

  1. 亚省华联 United Chinese Association of Arizona

2. 大凤凰城侨团联合总会 Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix

3. 亚省中餐馆协会 Chinese Restaurant Association of Arizona

4. 斐匿華人福利會  Phoenix Chinese Welfare Council 

5. 斐匿黃氏宗親會 Wong Family Benevolent Association  

6. 越华会 VN Chinese American Association of Arizona

7. 亚利桑那中华商会  Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Arizona

8. 斐匿英端工商分會 Ying On Merchants & Labors Benevolent Association

9. 亞利桑那開平同鄉會 Arizona Kaiping Association 

 10. 斐匿龍岡親義公所   Lung Kong Family Association of Phoenix Arizona  

12. 斐匿华人耆英会 Phoenix Chinese Senior Association

13. 鳳凰城余風釆堂  Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Family Association 

14. 美國鳳凰城榮光聯誼會  R.O.C. Veterans Association in Phoenix  

16. 華美專業協會 Chinese American Professional Association of Arizona 

17. 亚省希望中文学校Arizona Hope Chinese

18. 亚省艺术学校Arizona Art Academy

19. 鳳城華人基督教會中文學校(Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian School)

20. 亚省现代中文学校Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona

21. 中华总会 Chinese American Society of AZ

22. 康乐大厦 Hong Lok Senior Apartment

23. 斐匿同源会 Chinese American Citizens Alliance-Phoenix Lodge

24.. 全美华人协会(NACA), National American Chinese Association

25.. 亚特兰大中国商会(CBAA)  Chinese Business of Atlantic Association

26.. 亚特兰大现代中文学校(ACCA)  Contemporary Chinese School of Atlantic

27. 亚裔福祉中心(AARC) Asian American Respiratory Center

28. 乔治亚州浙江商会  Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of Georgia

29. 美东南福建同乡会  Fujian Association of Southeast 

30. 亚特兰大广东同乡会  Guangdong Association of Atlantic

31. 亚特兰大天津同乡会  Tianjin Association of Atlantic

32. 亚特兰大华人互助会  Chinese Association of Atlantic

33. 美中经贸文化协会  US-Sino Economic and Trade Cultural Association

34. 亚马逊木业有限公司  Amazon Wood LLC




Arizona Asia-Pacific American Communities :

  1. Arizona Asian American Bar Association

2. Asian American Journalists Association

3. Japanese American Citizen League  

4. Pan Asian Community Alliance

5. North Community Church 

6. Sema Foundation

7. Arizona Asian American Association  

8. Arizona Community in Action 

9. Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce 

10. Arizona Korean Chamber of commerce

11. Turkey American Association of Arizona

12. Iranian American Society of Arizona

13. India Association of Phoenix

14. Arizona Lao Association

15. Thai-American Association of Arizona

16. Thai Heritage Arizona

17. Philippine Chamber of Commerce 

18. Phoenix-Asian Arizona Lions Club 

19. Vietnamese Community of Arizona

20. Academy of Asian Art Foundation

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