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亚省观察室 I 群友致张家爷叔



2020年3月17日 群友之声


文中 1. 只字不提这些老华侨是否身体力行的参与並融入进美国的政治文化生活圈;

2. 只字不提这些老侨为啥离开亲爱的母亲(祖国)甚至不惜以偷渡方式来建设美国;

3. 只字不提老侨的母亲(祖国)昌盛时是否真的帮他们提高了在美国的地位,倒是贫穷时定期收到了他们的孝敬费;

4. 只字不提老侨们如何在美国困难时比如911,飓风,这次疫情等为美国捐钱出力;


5. 只字不提老侨在入籍时刻是如何手捂左前胸、热泪盈眶、跟着领颂员用半生不熟的英文宣誓出如下誓词:

“我在这里郑重的宣誓:完全放弃我对以前所属任何外国亲王、君主、国家或主权之公民资格及忠诚,我将支持及护卫美利坚合众国宪法和法律,对抗国內和国外所有的敌人。 我将真诚的效忠美国。” 






Veterans For Trump: Honoring Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and APA Veterans



Asian Pacific American Heritage Month overlaps with Memorial Day and Military Appreciation Month, it presents a meaningful opportunity for us to recognize and honor Asian Pacific American veterans from past and present that defended freedom fearlessly and made significant contributions to protect and defend freedom for this great nation. Join us on this Memorial Day to pay tribute to our nation’s heroes and engage in a conversation about the importance of preserving freedom with Asian Pacific American veterans, Hawaii Republican Chairwoman: Shirlene Ostrov and Veterans For Trump Board Member, Medal of Honor recipient: Major General Patrick Brady.

Shared from WhiteHouse

Arizona Chinese American Veterans

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Arizona local Veterans share their stories – Filmed by City of Chandler



We’re proud to honor all Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and this Memorial Day, we’d like to introduce a few of Chandler’s own.

Listen in as local Veterans share their stories. Hear from Lew Bradley, who joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1950 at the age of 17; Bill Berry, who enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1966 and fought in the Vietnam War; and Ashley McWhirt, who has been serving in the Marines for 12 years – both active duty and reserves. She currently works as a police records clerk with the Chandler Police Department

Also featured are two exhibits currently on display at the Chandler Museum.

• The “A Million Acts of Kindness” exhibit, which showcases the work of The Salvation Army USA and explores the services provided to the troops and how Salvation Army volunteers provided aid on the home front. 
• The “Chandler Veterans: DUTY” exhibit, which is a traveling banner exhibit that pays tribute to Veterans from the Chandler community who have served in every branch of the military. 

The video also includes a musical performance by Blaine Long and messages from Mayor Kevin Hartke and City Council. 

Learn more about those featured in the video, the museum exhibits and how Chandler Veterans can share their story at

Brought to you by City of Chandler’s Diversity Office and the Chandler Museum, in partnership with the Salvation Army. Special thanks to Bashas’ Supermarkets and The Salvation Army Chandler Corps.

#LoveChandler #ChoosingChandler

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欢迎参加5月23日凤凰城市政府主办的病毒测试 – Sonora Quest will be offering COVID-19 testing to the general public for the shared goal of increasing COVID-19 testing statewide.



Those who think they have been exposed to or could be infected with COVID-19 are encouraged to get tested.


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